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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - Nintendo DS





A large cast of eccentric non-player characters, as well as an invocative soundtrack designed to match the varied game environments and gameplay

More than 165 new puzzles weave seamlessly into the storyline, challenging player with fun, brain-teasing logic puzzles and riddles, and even new types of puzzles

This game features significantly more hand-drawn animated sequences and voice acting than the previous installment of the series

Players who are still stumped with a puzzle after three subtle hints can select the new "superhint" option to point them toward a solution

As with previous incarnations in the franchise, weekly downloadable puzzles will be available after launch for a limited time

Video Review Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - Nintendo DS

Awesome series and soundtrack Released date: September 12, 2010 North America for the ds This game is also known as Professor Layton and the Last Time Travel Professor Layton and The...

No one had a decent upload of this so I decided to get it and put it up. This is incredibly emotional music, such an amazing series. MP3:

sobs* 3:28 - Final Cutscene 6:04 - Credits 11:12 - Epilogue Cutscene 1 12:21 - Epilogue 13:25 - Epilogue Cutscene 2.

I CHALLENGE YOU TO A BATTLE OF WITS!!! *Puzzle Battle Theme Plays*